Monday, 27.03.

360 Degree Vision

For the longest time it seemed as if authenticity and immediacy were the only things considered important when it came to videos in Social Media. But what about immersion? In comes the 360 video to save the day!

Some have suggested that the 360 video is merely a gimmick of VR and will soon fade out. Even so, it is getting a lot of attention and this is a train worth riding. People are 66% more likely to watch 360 videos than normal videos. One study even found that they have led to click-to-purchase rates up to 14 times as high.

Do we have your attention yet? Good, because those are awesome numbers.

According to YouTube stats, the average of video views on mobile devices is 1 billion per day and 75% of users visit the brand’s website after viewing the video. 360 videos are therefore a great way to give power to a brand’s Facebook and YouTube presence as they give the consumer control of what they see.

This is a great way to show the audience what the brand has to offer in an extraordinary way. For instance we can film live events and repurpose the footage so it can be used for content at a later stage. From a Social Media point of view, the data that can be collected because of 360 videos is impressive so do yourself a favour and get on the train before you miss it.

We live in interesting times….

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