Tuesday, 06.09.

Chip In For Education

What could be more important than growing future leaders, investing in education and putting 2 bright young underprivileged kids through school?

The United Church School in Yeoville, despite their harsh circumstances, has a fabulous Adopt a Child programme, and we’re taking a swing for education to help 2 students in need to reach their dreams of becoming doctors. Blessed and Iphithule have a lot in common. They are both in Grade 10 and both in the top 5 achieving students.

Blessed’s dream is to be a cardiologist. She’s a hard worker, is presently doing a paramedic course at the Florida Fire Department, and has been job shadowing at Helen Joseph Hospital.

Iphithule has a passion for people: she is a Learner Representative Council leader and she wants to make caring for people part of her career by becoming a gynaecologist.

The reality is that without financial assistance, Blessed & Iphithule will not graduate in 2018.

Join us at the Bryanston Country Club on 12 October to enjoy a golf day with Publicis Machine, and have fun taking a swing for education. Get in touch with Roxanne Creamer on roxanne.creamer@publicismachine.com to book your 4-ball.

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