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Coffee and cards: the perfect Nescafé connection

Nescafé has championed quality coffee for almost 80 years, bringing people together to share in memorable moments.

It is these moments that inspired Nescafé’s Every Cup’s a Connection campaign. To celebrate and encourage these connections we designed an ‘Every Cup’s a Connection’ direct mail sampling box, with Nescafé coffee sachets and a beautifully designed Nescafé deck of cards.

The idea behind the card design was inspired by the fact that although the game of cards has always been a social affair, the card characters themselves are not.

Throughout time and across different iterations of cards, the Queen of Hearts has been confined to her card, and the Jack of Diamonds to his and so on, this rings true for every face card in the entire deck. But now, in the spirit of sharing, the Nescafé face cards are brought together on the same card, sharing both coffee and a friendly game of cards. 

The characters were developed to explore how the face cards could be imagined with modern, South African personality traits. We gave each suit family a story that we explored in our booklet: The Socialising Hearts, The Explorer Spades, The Empire-building Diamonds and The Competitive Clubs.

The boxes were handed out on campuses and shared with select bloggers.

Every person went on to share their coffee and cards with others. And it’s in this way that the Nescafé box is encouraging connections and bringing people together.

The Team

Account Management: Tanya Pienaar

Agency Producer: Jacque Smit

Brand Representative (Client): Nicole Roos

Group Creative Director: Brendan Hoffmann

Creative Directors: Andrew Ringrose, Willie Struwig

Designers: Jodia Steenkamp, Kate Witney

Group Executive Creative Director: Gareth McPherson

Illustrator: Jodia Steenkamp, Kate Witney

Photographer: Bryan Taylor

Strategist: JT Thom

Writer: Sam Newdigate



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