Monday, 27.03.

From Zero to Hero

How do you create real, tangible and emotive content that cuts through the clutter and lands directly in the hearts of thousands?

NIDO 3+ needed mothers to connect with their brand on an emotional level and clearly understand the massive impact NIDO 3+ will play in their children’s lives.

Our answer is the NIDO 3+ Kid Cam Experiment. We know the first day (and everyday) of school for moms is not easy. Mothers are scared of letting go, scared of letting their kids grow up, but they love seeing their little ones learn, socialize and grow more independent.

We realised that there is immense satisfaction in letting them go, to see them grow.

We chose to illustrate this point, and ease the worries of moms, by doing a social experiment. Moms are extremely nervous when they know they have to send their little one out into the world, away from their watching eye for the first time. It turns out they are even more nervous than the child.

We based this experiment around the first day of school, giving mothers a sneak peak of their child’s day. To show them just how well their kids tackled the world for the very first time.

So how did it all work out? Well…

We interviewed the moms right after they dropped their little ones off. Asking them about their fears and feelings. They were all extremely emotional, and scared but proud. We followed the children during the day, attaching GO Pro cameras to them so we could experience exactly what they were experiencing. We then revealed our footage of the children having the best time during the day, and filmed the mom’s reactions. They loved the experience of seeing how their children were completely fine. This touching experience, together with all the immune nutrients of NIDO 3+, gave our moms the confidence they needed to let them go so that they could watch them grow.

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