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Here’s What Publicis Machine’s Top Dogs Think Young 20 Somethings Should Do Before They Reach 30

Reaching the big 3-0 is often considered a turning point in one’s life and career and many of us 20 something’s have a blinding obsession to make it big, career wise, before then. Some of us are also very guilty of being so focused on this milestone that we race through our 20s without realizing that the lessons we learn in this 10 year period equip us more for life than we will ever know.

So, we asked a few of our top dogs, who the majority of us consider to have made it big time, for some valuable insider life and career advice on what we should have done or should be doing before we reach 30. We’ll be running a series of these so keep an eye out for more!

Jake Bester – Executive Creative Director

Advertising is more a way of a life than a job. It’s an all-consuming affair and any life stones that have been left unturned are going to drive you insane. So make sure to use the early part of your 20’s to get your studying, soul searching, travelling, falling in love and any other temporary careers out of the way before you give this one a shot.

Ok, so you’re in. Now what…

I think by the time you are 30 you need to have spent a good couple of years working on one big brand account. Experience is something that everyone needs to get ahead and the quickest way to do that is to truly immerse yourself in one piece of business. The reasons for this are as follows.

Firstly, a big account has multiple touch points in the market place such as brand, retail, CRM, supplier networks, distribution channels, franchisees etc. Getting to know a large piece of business will expose you to all of these giving you the much needed oversight to develop your skill-set equipping you to work on a variety of dynamic brands in the future.

Secondly, if you work on an account for a long time, chances are you’ll get to produce a great piece of work which you’ll be able to use to profile yourself. I promise you, there is nothing better for a career than being associated with a great campaign.

Thirdly, working on one piece of business will let you form and maintain great relationships with your clients which will enable you to negotiate successfully on behalf of the agency and deliver the best possible results.

And finally, and most importantly, a long stint on a piece of business shows commitment. From any agency leaders’ point of view, people who show commitment and enthusiasm will always be chosen for big opportunity jobs and career advancement. Have a look around the industry. Those big names; they don’t move around too much.

Oh. I also suggest not being an asshole. The people you meet on this journey will become your friends and enemies for life. Choose wisely.

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