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It all comes back to The Original

In early November 2016 Publicis Machine launched a brand new television commercial for The Glenlivet, one of Pernod Ricard’s premier whisky brands. Seven months in the making the commercial represents an amazing collaboration between Publicis Machine, the Pernod Ricard marketing team and Velocity films, with the result being nothing short of spectacular.

The Commercial:

 In 1824 George Smith became the first person to apply for and receive a license to legally produce spirit. After this other distilleries followed, which is why The Glenlivet is known as “the single malt that started it all”. Publicis Machine needed to tell this story in a way that consumers could engage with and understand, so we found a solution that’s relevant to South Africa and the world today: the idea of urban renewal.

As we all know, the revitalization of an area doesn’t happen overnight and it often starts with one brave soul taking a leap of faith, just like George Smith.

So the TV commercial tells the story of a young man who makes the decision to open a clothing store in a forgotten area of downtown Johannesburg. Over the years other people see the value in his decision and follow him, opening their own stores and restuarants, which eventually leads to the revitalization of the entire neighbourhood.

The commercial ties up with the thought “A true original sets a standard others follow” and the combined team took this to heart at every step of the production process with agency, client and production company agreeing on a bold look for the film, an interesting choice of voice artist and music that when combined distinguish The Glenlivet from all the other Glens in the whisky landscape.


It a piece of work we are tremendously proud of, and we hope you like it too. To see the ad go here: 

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