Tuesday, 06.09.

#MoveUp to the big leagues

OLX has embarked on an inspirational advertising campaign to reposition the brand in a new headspace that aims to create a more emotional connection with South Africans.

Titled #MoveUp, the campaign taps into the universal human truth that everyone wants to improve his or her lot in life, no matter how impossible it might seem. By showcasing the human progress behind each transaction, it positions OLX as an enabler of dreams, and the means by which anyone from any walk of life can facilitate forward progress - despite what the so-called ‘System’ might prescribe.

“We believe that this campaign will resonate particularly well with our resourceful population. Increasingly, South Africans have come to understand that, if they want to get ahead, they need to create their own opportunities and mold their own destiny. This commercial positions OLX firmly in that space, as a brand that provides the means by which South Africans can be who they want to be, and achieve what they believe they can achieve,” says OLX South Africa brand manager, Ntsikakazi Mxenge.

The narrative of the TVC depicts how OLX makes it possible for people to be who they want to be, by beating the system. A young man stares into a shop window on his way home, dreaming of owning the guitar on display. The lights go out, symbolizing that he cannot afford to buy the guitar. Then - the only light in the dark night - his Mobile phone lights up in his hand, to show a similar guitar – available on the OLX site. The message comes through loud and clear. He can #MoveUp.

The mobile app was launched in 2013, and provides the best way to buy and sell 'on the go' and for people to trade in their local areas. One of the great user-friendly features is the chat functionality that enables direct human interaction between buyers and sellers.

“By positioning the brand as more than a retail environment, the #MoveUp campaign aims to encourage South Africans to use OLX as an alternative trading space to that which the system currently provides - not only for occasional buying and selling, but also as a valuable trading option,” says Mxenge.

As the commercial says: “It’s time to stand together, because together we have everything we need.”

The campaign was conceptualised and created by Publicis Machine; is spearheaded by a television commercial that broke on June 6, and will be strongly supported in both the radio and online environment.

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