Friday, 31.07.

Never too cool for School

Publicis Machine is creating a CSI story that we are truly proud of. We are focusing on education - making a difference from the grassroots to building future leaders. As an agency we are proudly giving back to SA in two different areas, namely Zolani Masembathe and Cypress Primary School.

What better way to raise money for a good cause than to host a charity event in true Publicis Machine style? One huge “Back to School” themed party later, filled with plenty of entertainment and a massively successful auction, R60 000 was raised for the future leaders close to our hearts. Just in case you thought Andy Gilder was pocketing all your hard earned cash at the auction, this is where all of your generous donations went:

Zolani Masembathe

A hugely talented athlete and rugby player, Zolani is an orphan on a Publicis Machine bursary at SACS. He was abandoned as a small boy and lived on the streets. Despite being in a hugely challenging environment he still attended school and loved playing rugby. Through his rugby he was quickly spotted for his huge potential. The rugby coach at SACS, Graeme Wepener, then approached Adrian Hewlett to get involved in supporting the future of Zolani. We know that offering him access to a quality education will unlock his enormous potential, and we view our impact on his life as an important opportunity to grow a future leader. Our aim is to continue to raise money for him to go to University.

Cypress Primary School

Publicis Machine wants to transform Cypress Primary School in Athlone into a conducive and happy learning environment for underprivileged kids. The Headmaster sent us a list of priorities, starting out with maintenance work on their kitchen. This area has now been transformed, allowing the kids access to warm water for their meals for the first time amongst many other changes. This school has so much untapped potential, with teachers who thrive on their passion for helping develop young lives and students motivated to become SA’s future leaders, it feels like we are part of something big here. The remainder of the year holds aspirations to create sporting facilities, revamp the library as well as getting Green Pop involved in giving the grounds that magic touch. A big thank you to all of those who have contributed to such worthy causes! Watch this space for big things to follow.

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