Monday, 29.05.

Publicis Machine team gets financially fit

We’re in the business of advertising and our focus is on creating amazing work for our clients.

But it’s essential that the team really understands the financial aspects of the business and how it relates to making us a successful agency.

So, this May, we donned our mental Lycra and focussed on getting financially fit. Our Financial Fitness training programme was designed to give Publicis Machine’s over 250 talented, hardworking individuals the tools to be financially healthy and broaden their understanding of financial principles both in their work and personal lives. After all, our people are the most valuable asset we have!

Bringing in finance experts from far afield, and from within our own agency, we educated, debated, discussed and ultimately learned how to manage our own money (making it work for us as opposed to us for it), and how to apply the same principles to our accounts and portfolios.

Financial fitness is a choice, a decision we each make – and it equips us to manage our business-related finances better too. We now have the knowledge and tools to do just that!

Watch our workout video here:

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