Tuesday, 15.08.

Secondhand-ish Goods: OLX celebrates amazing finds

OLX is one of South Africa's biggest online classifieds platforms. One of the great things about buying from OLX is that some of the items for sale are technically secondhand but in reality they have barely been used. It’s pretty much brand new stuff at a reduced price.

We developed the Secondhand-ish Goods’ print campaign to appeal to a younger, mobile-savvy target market. We wanted to encourage them to not only buy great quality secondhand goods, but also to sell the stuff they no longer need and that someone else could want.

We wanted to inspire them to think of things in their own homes, highlighting things that might be relatable. Maybe you have a pair of roller blades that you only used once before you broke your arm or a TV that you won at golf, but you already have the same model.

The beauty of these items is that they’re not really old at all. The next owner will buy a sparkling new item that might just have a bit of a scuff on the side. It’s the moment we can all relate to, finding a real steal for half the price. It is secondhand prices for almost firsthand quality.

For our campaign, we called these items “Second Hand-ish Stuff”. The campaign shows humorous moments of people using items for the first, and also definitely the last time. From a man who tries to skateboard and comes off second best, a frisbee that a dog shows zero interest in, and a couch that doesn’t fit, to a remote-control helicopter that breaks mom’s prized vase. In each scenario, the item will definitely (after a glorious first try like that) be available on OLX.




Group Executive Creative Director: Gareth McPherson

Group Creative Director: Brendan Hoffmann

Creative Director: Kenneth van Reenen

Art Director: Brendan Hoffmann

Copywriter: Kenneth van Reenen

Photographer: David Prior

Business Unit Director: Jonathan Chipps

Account Director: Jamie Rossiter

Agency Producer: Nadine Smallberg

Brand Representative (Client): Karla Levick

Strategist: Marc Horne



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