Thursday, 17.08.

Smartphone magic drives Publicis Machine’s Mercedes-Benz Magic Body campaign

Mercedes-Benz has always prided themselves in the fact that their vehicles come fully equipped with the latest technological innovations that offer drivers not only a more safe, but a more comfortable drive. It’s these exact innovations that have made them the leaders in modern luxury within the automotive segment.

Publicis Machine was tasked to highlight one of these features – Magic Body Control – in an innovative, yet cost-effective way. Magic Body Control is a hydraulic, fully active suspension that helps every wheel to adapt individually to any bumps or undulations on the road surface.

It does so through a camera that scans the road ahead, and makes these adjustments to the suspension in milliseconds to ensure the driver’s cabin remains completely still no matter how bumpy the road is.

Publicis Machine decided to showcase this feature in a tactile manner through people’s smartphones. This was achieved by creating a series of web banners that used a variety of smartphone functionalities to allow the user to physically experience the feature, rather than merely read about it.

The first banner activated with a swipe, prompting an S-Class to travel over the ascenders in a scrolling sentence about Magic Body Control – simultaneously explaining the feature, while visually demonstrating its function.

The second was activated with a tilt of the device, introducing a message that spoke to the stability of Magic Body Control. The copy stayed level with the earth no matter which angle the user held their phone at.

The third banner was activated with a tap, prompting the device to vibrate in time with the copy, allowing the user to physically feel the difference between regular suspension and Magic Body Control. 

The banners were placed on News24 and their partner sites where they helped Mercedes-Benz get people to feel the feature they’re never supposed to.


Account Management: Gregory Baker

Agency: Publicis Machine 

Art Directors: Lloyd Foggit, Alicia Nicola, Joshua Foster

Brand Representative: Mayur Bhana, Selvin Govender

Group Executive Creative Director: Gareth McPherson

Group Creative Director: Brendan Hoffmann

Creative Director: Willie Struwig

Production Company: Sizmek

UX Design: Tiaan Vorster, Tauriq Dramat

Media Planner: Kiro Govender

Programmers: Tauriq Dramat, Tiaan Vorster

Strategist: Emily Shaw

Writers: Gregory Walker, Neil Meyer, PJ Eales

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