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The art of content marketing to your audience

Everything we do, in business and in life, requires content. So whether through copy or video, marketing your products requires content which comes in the form of art and that art is a vision.

When we speak the language of branding and advertising, especially in digital, it has to find its way into the hearts of your audience. In an article I wrote, I have fleshed out that writing content can be a lot like getting into a relationship, and you have to have something to say to your audience and vice versa.

Marketing Land writes that “content makes you vulnerable. It lets you show a side of yourself your customers wouldn’t normally see. You’re putting your thoughts and ideas on the line and hoping people will respond.”

See some case studies of emotional connections here:   

Content and your audience are interrelated, they are in a relationship. There are good days, there are mundane days, and there are bad days. When bad days happen, it doesn't mean it's all over, they can turn their backs on you and wake up feeling happy to be with you the next morning.

In an attempt to hook an audience, the link below shows how PooPouri used content in an interesting way to sell their product: 

In the article, I have said that “once you get into a relationship and get the other person smiling, they can't wait to go home and tell their friends all about it. Imagine then how it should feel when you are a brand and they can't stop talking about you because of the good things you say to them - funny, wonderful, smart and all the right words.  

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