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The Way We lead the Change

Steve Jobs once said “The only way to do great work is to do what you love”. We may not be a part of the most recognised brand name in the world, but we are just as strongly rooted in that philosophy as he was and share that sentiment threefold. Right from the start, our people, their love for what they do and their perpetual hunger to create great work is the DNA engrained in every one of us that ultimately connects us.

Creating an atmosphere that allows this philosophy to thrive has always been at the forefront of how the agency has been lead. We believe that our culture, more so than anything else we provide, is what makes people want to work with us and clients want to stick with us.

From the early days of Machine, where we went from an independent agency of 90 people across both CT and JHB to the integrated Publicis Machine of 200 strong today, we have always wanted to do things a little differently. No matter how big we may still get, we never want our size to determine the emphasis and importance we place on the individual. We have a melting pot of talented weirdo’s that we see as our greatest asset and want to celebrate that in everything we do. Stressing Publicis’ ethos, we expect our people to be “lion-hearted” and that “If you don’t lead the change the change will lead you” which aligned seamlessly with Machine’s belief in being brave and being leaders in change.

Let’s talk about “loving what you do”. We, as well as everyone else in the industry, can account for the very serious love/hate relationship everyone inevitably has with Advertising. And even though, we wouldn’t want to have this love/hate relationship with anything other than advertising, we believe every short deadline, late night and sacrificed weekends always feels worth it at the end of the day. This, we owe to culture.

In agency years, we have youth on our side from an “est. in” as well as a management perspective. Yes, there may be a lot for us still to learn, and we’re pretty confident we’ll never stop learning, but we believe we have young dynamic leaders that are connected to and in touch with what makes an agency great. Their belief in transparency is unyielding. An open door policy and a no holds barred attitude when it comes to ensuring each and every voice is heard is considered a non-negotiable between employees, no matter what rank they assume. This mutual respect is what gives our youngest and greenest as well as oldest and more experienced employees the freedom to ask, absorb and learn.

There is no denying that what really creates a great culture in any company is the people, the vibe and the jols. Oh yes, definitely the jols. As much as any agency, after a long hard week at work, there is nothing better than to kick back with the people you tackled all those short deadlines, late nights and working weekends with, and knock back a few ice cold beers. It’s these moments that put everyone on the same playing field, where you find out more about who your colleague actually is rather than just how they write a brief and that what makes them tick is not only confined within the agency walls and an 8 to 8 working day.

So, if “the only way to do great work is to do what you love”, and if loving what you do is conditional to loving where you work, we’d like to think we’ve got what it takes to make that happen.

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