Failure to Click: Why the Metrics of Online Advertising are Broken

The online advertising market has never been bigger. It’s already the single biggest advertising medium in many countries (including the UK and...


Smart Content Marketers Ride the Smart Device Wave- Narrative

Around 23 million South Africans have smartphones. And that number is growing as manufacturers bring in more appealing, user-friendly devices at...


There's not much Good in "Good Job"

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job.”


How do you make a Strategist?

You get Jordan Belfort and Salvadore Dali to have a baby. Then you need to make sure Bono gets involved somehow in the rearing of said baby.


It’s a...


Never too cool for School

Publicis Machine is creating a CSI story that we are truly proud of. We are focusing on education - making a difference from the grassroots to...


Here’s what Publicis Machine’s Top Dogs think young 20 somethings should do before they reach 30 – Andy Gilder

Reaching the big 3-0 is often considered a turning point in one’s life and career and many of us 20 something’s have a blinding obsession to make it...

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